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Issue - 27

Worthy Read

In this talk Andrew Jessup walks through the essential elements of building a performant, secure and well factored micro-service in Go and how to deploy it to Google Container Engine.You'll also learn how to use Google Stackdriver to monitor, instrument, trace and even debug a production service in real time.

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Note - This isn't sponsored. Just saw the discount and adding it for the benefit of go developers.

Go shining. Interesting data mining to find how language adoption.

Go provides a low-level profiling API runtime/pprof, but if you are developing a long-running service, it's more convenient to work with a high-level net/http/pprof package.

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Makes use of LuaJIT — a Just-In-Time Compiler for Lua to interface with Go.

For weeks I developed, in parallel, in 3 different languages. The more I was writing code, the more I realized that for some reason the Go client was leading the development. In fact, my approach was to develop a feature in Go, then the other languages followed. It turned out it was not a coincidence.

Finding high quality net/http middleware for go is hard. Middleware get outdated, have only partial support or fail to comply with basic net/http semantics in other ways. The httpmiddlewarevet project aims to provide developers with a clearer picture of which handlers are good net/http citizens and which are not.

If you want to do Flow-Based Programming in Go, there are a couple of frameworks and libraries available. Or you simply do it with pure Go. After all, how difficult can it be?.

This post summarizes the result of our December 2016 user survey along with our commentary and insights. We are grateful to everyone who provided their feedback through the survey to help shape the future of Go.


pet - 1125 Stars, 29 Fork
Simple command-line snippet manager, written in Go.

retool - 38 Stars, 1 Fork
Vendoring for executables written in Go.

stela - 28 Stars, 0 Fork
On-premises distributed service discovery.

requests - 22 Stars, 2 Fork
HTTP for Gophers.

vsock - 9 Stars, 0 Fork
Package vsock provides access to Linux VM sockets (AF_VSOCK) for communication between a hypervisor and its virtual machines. MIT Licensed.

supervisor - 6 Stars, 2 Fork
Supervisor trees for Go.

tweeters - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
Meta-learning ML to classify twitter users.