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Issue - 25

Worthy Read

Note - At my previous job I built an ad-hoc database migration framework. Later replaced with another one powered with luigi. This is a fantastic comparision by Povilas Versockas who is an engineer at Uber. Have a read.

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Tracker has been an exciting exercise so far. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish and how little effort it takes if you use open source projects like Grafana and InfluxDB.

In this book we will create a programming language together. We'll start with 0 lines of code and end up with a fully working interpreter for the Monkey* programming language.

And in this article I will talk in short what’s new in Go 1.8.

We’re going to see how to develop unit tests for our functions as well as HTTP endpoints in a Golang application using the available Go testing framework.

Operation Go is an online programming game for Golang. Developers play as one of two agents on a mission to defeat the notorious cyber-criminal Epoch.

GopherConIndia is currently underway. Here are the tweets from the conference.

The aim of this video is to cover Go’s support for MySQL. Explore Go’s database/SQL package for SQL databases. Learn how to do read and modify operations in MySQL. Visit advanced features like transactions and prepared statements.

This release is headlined by performance improvements in the compiler and linker, which yield compilation speedups on all platforms.

Parody Gopher Twitter Account.


Unspin - 2312 Stars, 64 Fork
Upspin is an experimental project to build a framework for naming and sharing files and other data securely, uniformly, and globally: a global name system of sorts. It is not a file system, but a set of protocols and reference implementations that can be used to join things like file systems and other storage services to the name space.

typewriter - 50 Stars, 1 Fork
Synchronize your front-end models with your Go models.

playgo - 24 Stars, 1 Fork
CLI tool to send .go file to the Go Playground

aws-api-to-lambda-shim - 18 Stars, 0 Fork
Using, this project provides a shim for calling go web services from AWS Api Gateway

go-essentials - 6 Stars, 0 Fork
A containerized development environment for Go, includes automatic code reloads, test running, and vendored dependencies. Powered by Docker.

elasticshell - 3 Stars, 3 Fork
Provides a Kibana console-like interface to interact with ElasticSearch.

nogo - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
Network wide ad/site blocking via DNS, with a simple web control panel.