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Issue - 23

Worthy Read

Francesc Campoy covers the most important changes coming with Go 1.8. Slides are here

A blazing fast, drop-in replacement for Cassandra. Try it now for free.

This tutorial will teach you how to build a RESTful API using Go and Cassandra. Cassandra is a NoSQL database that automatically shards your data across a cluster of machines. Here at Stream we use Cassandra for the storage of news feeds and activity streams. it’s performance, linear scalability and reliability make it the #1 datastore for many large platforms such as Netflix, GitHub, Reddit, Instagram, Sony, Coursera, Spotify, and eBay.

Clive is a system written in Go [7] and made out of services interconnected through channels, which may cross the network. A Clive program may be compiled to run on any platform supporting the Go programming language.

Webcomic featuring a Go developer talking to his therapist. Must have coded in C with pthreads before :)

Containers helps you distribute, deploy, run, and test your Golang projects.

How xMatters Uses Toolchains to Move Process Forward.

Go replaced Python in a data pipeline. Key reason - Runtime speed.

Ratelimit is in production use at Lyft, and handles tens of thousands of rate limit requests per second. It is a reference implementation of the rate limit API that Envoy, our proxy and communications bus, uses. We use Ratelimit in both our edge proxies, and our internal service mesh to rate limit requests.

Reddit Discussion

I want to share with you my design philosophy around the word Integrity and what it means to me from a Go perspective. Integrity is much more than just a buzzword, it is a driving principle in everything I do, both in code and in life.

If you have a habit of working with unbuffered channels in Go, then you might want to pay attention here. We know that receiver always blocks until there is data to receive, but did you know that sender also can block ?


golang-plugins - 126 Stars, 0 Fork
A simple demo of hot code swapping with Go 1.8 and its plugins feature.

pointerstructure - 111 Stars, 3 Fork
Go library for addressing and reading/writing a specific value within any Go structure using a string syntax.

memo - 95 Stars, 7 Fork
Memo Life For You

patchstructure - 44 Stars, 1 Fork
Go library for representing and applying patches to modify existing Go structures

go-future-context - 11 Stars, 1 Fork
A simple Future (Promise) library for Go.

go-observe - 8 Stars, 3 Fork
Go-Observe: A command line Mozilla Observatory client written in Go.

split_tests - 5 Stars, 0 Fork
Utility to split test files into parallel CI containers.

pipec - 4 Stars, 0 Fork
command line tools for executing container pipelines