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Issue - 21

Worthy Read

Create your own customized Go Avatar. This is super cool.

9 DBs to choose from, 5 min setup, auto-scaling, Cloud hosted. Free for 30 Days.

Dep is a prototype dependency management tool. Pre-alpha status. Note - I just used it and it's looking good already. The repository is open to solicit feedback and contributions from the community.

Now's the time to discuss what everybody plans to do during the Go 1.9 cycle.

This is a very well written article for beginners if you are looking to learn GraphQL with an end to end API implementation.

This is a dated link. Do read Christoph Berger answer.

In this post we will discuss why we made the decision to adopt Go (aka golang) as the standard programming language for backend development at Yik Yak, even though the original backends were mostly written in PHP.

Some of the proposed names are downright hilarious. Idiomatic Go or just Idiomatic sounds about right. If you are a Python Developer do checkout our Python newsletter at .

Users finding bugs? Searching logs for errors? Find + fix broken code fast!

go-linq is an anti-pattern library to address a lack of language-integrated collection querying and comprehension functionality in Go. I initially wrote it to see if it would be actually nice to have.

This post is a spin-off from various conversations around improving the way logging is performed in Go projects.

A self-organizing map (SOM) or self-organizing feature map (SOFM) is a type of artificial neural network (ANN) that is trained using unsupervised learning to produce a low-dimensional (typically two-dimensional), discretized representation of the input space of the training samples, called a map, and is therefore a method to do dimensionality reduction. Self-organizing maps differ from other artificial neural networks as they apply competitive learning as opposed to error-correction learning (such as backpropagation with gradient descent), and in the sense that they use a neighborhood function to preserve the topological properties of the input space.


chromedp - 324 Stars, 4 Fork
Package chromedp is a faster, simpler way to drive browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Android, etc) without external dependencies (ie, Selenium, PhantomJS, etc).

go-tools - 59 Stars, 4 Fork
A collection of tools and libraries for working with Go code, including linters and static analysis

nlp - 53 Stars, 2 Fork
General purpose any-lang Natural Language Processor that parses the data inside a text and returns a filled model

mandown - 17 Stars, 0 Fork
a tool to help write man pages in markdown

rate-limit - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
Very simple rate limiter for HTTP requests