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Issue - 18

Worthy Read

Let’s say you need to write a client that talks to a third party API, like the AWS API, or the Twilio API. Go gives you a lot of tools that can help you write a really good client, but you have to know how to take advantage of them! Keep reading for tips that will help you write a great API client.

Channel is an important feature in Golang. It is one of the features that make Golang unique. It makes concurrent programming easier (at least looks), flexible and fun. This article will list all the channel related concepts, syntaxes and rules.

Call for Papers.

In this post I will show you about how to use LiteIDE to build and run Go language code.

Shows mutating a variable value using pointer in Go.

NET / HTTP is one of my favorite package in Go and it’s very easy to perform all the different type of HTTP requests. Here I will explain one of the problems I face when I tried to perform multiple requests using goroutine (pool of workers).

Reflection is the capability provided by a language runtime to structurally analyze the data and code, manipulate and generate the data & code and dynamically direct the execution flow. I golang reflection is restricted to structural analysis, creation of data (only applicable on settable types) and dynamic method invocation.

If you’ve ever heard of ProtoBuf you may be thinking that the results of this benchmarking experiment will be obvious, JSON < ProtoBuf. My interest was in how much they actually differ in practice.

Random Forests are a general purpose algorithm suited for many applications and CloudForest has been around for many years, proving itself one of the most robust Machine Learning libraries built with Go so far.

A command-line Medium client with the ability to publish local markdown files.

This is a quick video tutorial for getting set up with Visual Studio Code with Golang and how to debug in Golang using Visual Studio Code.


o3 - 102 Stars, 2 Fork
Re-implementation of the Threema protocol.

dropbox-password - 31 Stars, 0 Fork
Securely stores your passwords as Dropbox does.

gocart - 19 Stars, 1 Fork
Go sample e-commerce web application.

machat - 16 Stars, 0 Fork
An open source chat server implemented in Go

docsgen - 14 Stars, 0 Fork
Creating beautiful documentation websites from Markdown.

invoke - 13 Stars, 0 Fork
Lambda invocation helper functions for Go.